Your Guide to Mobile IV Therapy Appointments

With the pandemic looming all over us, I understand that many may be hesitant to go outside and form an interaction with others just so soon. Therefore, I present to you the Mobile IV Service.

How does it work?
This service works because it offers nurse monitored packages to anyone looking forward to activating their hydration levels. It is starting at an affordable price of $157, and you have the liberty to customize it by adding any anti-oxidants or vitamins of your liking.

Another benefit of the Mobile IV Service is that if you are suffering from a specific condition, you can always contact one of my pharmacists, who can guide you regarding what you should add and what you should be skipping.

What do you get?
If you choose the Mobile IV Therapy appointment, there are many benefits in relation to this. You can take advantage of either opting for indoor services or visiting the clinic.

Moreover, you can also get registered nurses that will remain with you in your house until the treatment has lapsed and you are in a favorable condition. Additionally, the $157 you will be paying will cover your travel fee and your in-home treatment.

A win-win situation:
Here at the body med spa, you are all that matters to me. Your comfort is of primary importance, which is why when it comes to the Mobile IV Service, you have both the in-home and the outdoor clinic options present.

I want to ensure that my customers are relaxed when they are undergoing any treatment. I value my customers above all and will try my best to continue striving for their comfort and an experience that is highly immersive and memorable.


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