The not so glamorous side of the vanity business – Behind the scenes of med spa aesthetics professionals | By Dr. Oyinkansola Jinadu Ph.D

If you are looking for non-invasive procedures near you, the chances are that you’ve gone to Google and searched up med spas near me quite often. These med spas seem to present a front that can be described as nothing less than magical. However, everything that shines is not gold. 

Suppose you are wondering about what a med spa is. In that case, med spas are a medical center and a day spa, both combined into one that primarily provides non-invasive, non-surgical aesthetic services favorably under the discretion of a licensed physician. However, that is not always the case. 

The world of med spas is filled to the brim with personnel and procedural SOPs that are sub-par. With a lack of certifications found among most med spas, it’s not a matter of surprise that most of them operate in unhygienic conditions, which can lead to serious infections down the road.

Moreover, you might have fallen victim to exorbitant prices charged by these med spas, especially as most try to emit a fa├žade of “luxury” and “extravagance” when that rarely is the case. 

However, licensed and honest practitioners still do exist in the space. If you’ve ever looked up non-invasive procedures, the chances are that you’ve also heard of HD Pro Global Beauty Institute and Body Med Spa. The brand prides itself in providing reasonable prices to its clientele while treating them like nothing short of royalty. Moreover, with strict SOPs in place, even in regard to non-invasive procedures, you’ll be treated and handled with the utmost care under the careful eye of a licensed physician.

Besides that, HD Global is a wonderful institute for those who wish to go for non-invasive cosmetic aesthetic procedures like laser liposuction, skin tite radio frequency skin tightening, IV Infusion Treatment, Microblading, Post Op Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Laser Teeth Whitening and more!


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