Self-Confidence: You are enough By Dr Oyinkansola Jinadu (PhD)

People doubt themselves all the time; they are hesitant to take upon a project because of self-doubt, unable to answer questions in class even if their answer is correct, unable to take a risky step to a brighter place.
All of this self-doubt stems from a lack of self-confidence: the belief that you are enough, that you can do a particular task, and that you can succeed. I have seen in my life and experience that a lack of self-confidence can stop brilliant minds from pursuing their dreams. Therefore, I am here to tell you a few ways you can build your self-confidence. 
In this blog and every other, I talk from my experience. When I left my job back then to pursue my dream and start my business, it was only possible because I believed in myself and God. I had the self-confidence that I can take this risk, and I will make it. If I doubted myself, I would not have been where I am standing today. That is why I strongly believe that self-confidence is something we all should build on. Let’s look at some ways you can do that:

Comparison will not get you anywhere:
Stop comparing yourself to other people; trust me, it does not help. God has made every one of us entirely different from the inside and on the outside. We are independent individuals, and each of us has a set of characteristics that are different from others and make us unique.
Focus on yourself, and work on yourself. Write down your blessings and everything you are grateful for. You will start to see how blessed you are, and someone else you envy on Instagram might not be half as happy as you are. Please don’t go for the face-value of things; we all fight battles that are not visible outside. So, be thankful for who you are and how you are.

Me time is necessary:
Another critical way to boost your self-confidence is to take some time out for yourself. Start loving yourself and your body by taking care of it and giving yourself a break to chill by yourself. Take out half an hour to exercise and get yourself fit; this will make you refreshed and give you confidence. Do some skincare in a break from work. Taking care of your skin will make you feel confident and beautiful. And the most stressed upon of all: get your 8 hours of beauty sleep. Proper sleep is known to induce positivity and positive thoughts.

You can and you will:
An optimistic talk with yourself will help you relax and eradicate your mind’s doubt. You are hardly ever reprimanded for presenting an idea or giving an answer. Yes, the answer might be wrong, and your boss might not like the idea, but what matters is that you dared to participate and give an opinion. Always tell yourself ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ instead of being afraid and telling yourself you won’t be able to. Just believe, take a deep breath, and do it. 


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