Moving forward: A brighter future awaits you By Dr Oyinkansola Jinadu (PhD)

We all feel stuck at one or more phases in our lives while drawing, writing, or solving a question. Or you can be stuck in a job, in a relationship, or a generally tricky situation. Being stuck is annoying, frustrating, and might make many people give up.
However, I am here to let you know that you need to pull yourself together and keep moving forward whenever you are stuck. As is said, at the end of every storm is a rainbow, and when you move forward, a brighter future awaits you. Let’s look at some ways you can apply to keep moving forward when stuck.

Be grateful for what you have:

The most helpful way to move forward when you’re stuck is to be grateful for what you have. Take a pen and paper, and note down everything you feel blessed to have. Whether it is your family, your pet, your significant other, or a bowl of rice, please write it down.
This technique of counting your blessings and being thankful for them helps you develop a more positive mindset and eliminate the negativity infesting your brain. The truth is, when you thank God for what you have, he rewards you with more.

Forget the past:

Like they say, “The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Learn to live in today and to let go of what happened in the past. If you keep yourself stuck on what happened, you will lose all the golden times and opportunities today, and the present is giving you.
Everything happens for a reason, and whatever has happened to you, it was by the will of God, and God always wants the best for us. So, in the end, you might not see it right now, but you gain experience or learn a lesson from what you went through. Take that lesson to heart and start moving forward.

Take a break and give yourself some ‘me’ time:

As I always say, self-care is crucial for a healthy mindset and the potential growth of you as a human being. Whenever you are feeling stuck, no matter what way, take a step back. Pause everything, and breathe. Allow yourself to relax away from the worries of your life, let go of all the stresses and focus on your heart as you breathe.
In this pause, start giving yourself time. Love yourself, talk to yourself, talk yourself through the situation. Who knows, you might find the way out? Watch a Netflix movie, go on a date with yourself, dress up, do some skincare. Do therapeutic activities like listening to songs, podcasts, or meditation to give yourself a breather. You will see yourself visibly starting to relax.
When you feel you are pollutant-free, unpause and resume whatever you were feeling stuck in. You will be surprised to see your brain will have a whole new, better approach to dealing with the situation, and you will see things from a much clearer perspective. This approach will help you in moving forward.


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