Inner Beauty: Your true self By Dr Oyinkansola Jinadu (PhD)

We talk about beauty, empowering women, unnecessary beauty standards, and how every woman is beautiful in her way. Yet, while defining beauty and talking about beauty, we often forget the most important form of beauty, the one that truly matters and defines a person: inner beauty.
Being a beauty CEO with my beauty brand, I can say safely that inner beauty reflects outside, and in fact, it is the inner beauty that is the true self of a person. We spend days enhancing our outer beauty; however, we should be spending that time polishing ourselves’ inner beauty. Today, I will tell you the actual meaning of inner beauty and its importance so you are motivated to work on improving it. 

Inner Beauty: What is it?
Inner beauty comes in two kinds: physical and mental. Your physical and mental health on the inside apart from what is visible on the outside. Taking care of your physical health through workouts, sleep, a proper diet will enhance your inner physical beauty.
 On the other hand, inner mental beauty comes from your thoughts, and as you can already figure out, a more positive mindset will lead to more beautiful mental health. Negativity will destroy your mental health and your inner mental beauty. Giving yourself time, staying positive, and loving yourself will result in a more beautiful you on the inside. 

The importance of Inner Beauty:
Let’s talk about the important of Inner Beauty.

Inner Beauty Reflects in Your Outer Beauty:
Like we just saw, inner beauty involves taking care of yourself. Sleeping for 8 hours, exercising, taking a healthy diet, keeping your mind positive, ignoring negativity; all are ways to take care of yourself and enhance your inner beauty. Let’s say you don’t complete your sleep; you will get dark circles, and ultimately you will affect your outer beauty. Suppose you don’t exercise or constantly eat junk food; this will reflect how your body looks on the outside. You can experience acne and other skin problems, which are all caused by unhealthy routines. Moreover, being negative all the time has such an effect on your mental health that you might not even be able to get up to wash your face. All of this leads to the deterioration of your outer beauty, which is visible to everyone.

A Peaceful Life:
Everything eventually comes down to inner beauty. When your body is happy by treating it with all the healthy food, exercise, and good sleep, and when you are free of negativity, in control of your thoughts, and have a positive atmosphere dominant in your minds, you will feel happy. You will feel at peace and relaxed because everything inside you is at peace and is happy.
Automatically, this inner peace will translate to a better quality of your work as you focus more happily and put in the effort, strengthening your relationships as there are fewer fights. When you take a more positive and peaceful approach towards things, you will start to view everything positively. You will understand people better, be open and more welcoming because of your positive attitude, and be kind and compassionate to the world around you.


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